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We proudly represent the best pajamas for women, sleepwear, gowns, slippers & accessories via online shopping. We are committed to affordable, high quality pajamas and sleepwear for women. We understand that your choice of pajamas or sleepwear needs to come in the style & colour you want. Our online shop features pajamas for women in Satin, 100% Cotton and many other fabrics, materials and colours for you to choose from. Since 2016 we have had many women who now enjoy Nusha Sleepwear's pajamas. You'll also love our fast and free express worldwide shipping.

The Nusherians

"I am not really into PJ's. But whenever I try to shop for PJ's, I'm always discouraged by the childish prints. What I enjoy about Nusha Sleepwear is the sophistication yet flirty designs. Being a young wife, I feel confident & stylish going to bed & waking up knowing I will look fab! Defs a fan!"

Loren Lee Langenhoven

"Nusha is special!"

Margaret Lewis

"Classic styles & luxurious fabrics are what I so love about Nusha Sleepwear. Thank you for offering the modern woman a sophisticated sleepwear range. Can't wait to receive my next pair."

Lucinda Campbell

"Hassle free, luxurious product."

Rachel S

"Stunning - feel so good & they look so good too! Comfy & sexy - just bought a pair & absolutely love them!"

Adriana Siegers

"Love my pajamas!!! Will definitely buy again!"

Marina Creydt

"I am loving the feel and softness of my pj's. Good quality. Would definitely recommend it. And service I received was excellent. Thank you"

Vanessa Maartens


Monica Erasmus

"End product was beautifully made. Service delivery was excellent. Thank you for going above and beyond."

Annelie Killian

'Why' Nusha Sleepwear Pajamas for Women

Nusha Sleepwear, Lynn & the entire team are committed to furthering the development & empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities, allowing them to have hope for the future. 

In previous years in South Africa, 1994 & before, certain demographics weren't given the same opportunities as others & as such, many years on are still struggling.

Fast forward to 2016, Nusha Sleepwear steps in, and through social development, comes up with a model whereby the hourly wage is dropped & earnings are production based, showing that hard work & consistency bare great fruits in life, the marketing models behind it all are NOT location restricted, thus totally opening up the potential development by selling our products beyond South African borders.

We will continue to strive in the aid of social development & empowerment as much as we possibly can, where we can.

The Face Behind the Best Women's Pajamas:

I am an entrepreneur, mother to a naughty son, lover of both wine & coffee, Grey's Anatomy addict and of course as any good woman is, a lover of fashion. This site is my 'Cup of Heaven' project.

After 25 years of franchise consulting, I have found myself lamenting at the thought of pursuing my love for fashion in one way or another. I slowly started to play with fabrics, buttons & even the odd pair of slippers...and that's when the idea struck home, that as a middle age woman, I'm never able to find any form of sleepwear or women's pajamas that not only feel great but also look great with a whole load of elegance behind it, and thus Nusha Sleepwear was born, along with my passion and creativity for making sure other women were afforded the same great sleepwear and pajamas.

I'm proud of our growth since 2016, being an online retailer featuring the highest quality pajamas, sleepwear and accessories for the contemporary modern woman. I want to keep our PJ's affordable, without ever sacrificing their quality and we've done just that. We also take a lot of pride in having free and fast worldwide express shipping.

Thank you for your support!

Lynn, Owner

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